Adventure Guide Application

Welcome to the Mimmy Adventure’s application site!

This page can be used to learn more about us and what you can do with us. You can even begin the application process!

If you have already read about our service, fill in the short application survey at the bottom of this page. Or read on to learn more. If you don’t know about our service yet, I strongly recommend reading 1st in order to know what we are looking for and answer the questions in the form to show how you can provide the service we are looking for, rather than an English lesson.

What is Mimmy Adventure?

Mimmy adventure is a 10 minute zoom session used to allow kids the chance to grow an International mindset. Through the adventures you as guides create, the kids have a chance to use English in real life, learn about the world outside their home country and more importantly have fun doing so. Each adventure is hosted by the guide (you) as well as a puppet (our side), who helps keep the kids focused, helps kids to understand difficult words and facilitates participation.

Our adventures should be:

1) Fun

2) Interactive

3) Get the kids to participate themselves rather than just being shown something

When are the adventures?

Our website allows you check what time are available and simply book the slots you are free (each slot is 10 minutes)

Adventures are held weekdays between 4-8pm in JST (Japanese standard time). We also host Saturday morning adventures in JST

Before applying please check the time difference between Japan and your country to ensure you are available at least a few of the time slots.

You can do up to 8 adventures per week as long as the content is different for each one.

What is the pay?

You are paid per adventure, for 20 minutes of your time (10 minutes adventure, 10 minutes to practice by yourself and log into zoom ready)

Pay increases depending on how many participants join. Per adventure it will be between 1000 – 2200 JPY

(This is $8.7 – $19 USD at the time of publishing November 24th 2021). This will be based on:

As an example: 10 adventures with 10 customers each would = 16000 JPY

What adventures can I do?

The theme of the adventures can basically be anything as long as it’s fun, and full of interaction.

Some examples are:

Doing magic with the kids, showing them how to do arts/crafts, participation based performance, building lego together, showing them how to do something (like juggling etc), playing interactive games

here are the adventures we are hosting this week:

The list is endless. Here are some examples:

Ready to apply?


Please fill in this application form:

What now?

We will review your application and get back to you. If we like your content and ideas we will invite you to a short zoom interview. After that, training will also be via zoom where we show you how to use our system and practice your adventure. You are then free to make bookings. Your 1st adventure will be with non-paying attendees just in case there are any issues with connection etc (this will be paid at the base rate of 1000 yen).